FIRST Robotics Competition
March 6th, 2011 by alton

My mom and dad took me downtown to see the robots at the area FIRST Robotics Competition. It was awesome! The robots did not have to fight each other. They had to race to see which robot could hang up the most balloons before the time ran out.

The robots were built by big kids from high school. They also fixed them when the robots stopped working. I met a nice kid from Dickinson High School who answered my questions. His name was Jacobi and his team was called the Dickinson Gatorzillas. He took me to the pit area where the teams fixed their robots between competitions.

Jacobi and his friends said that the robots were built by teams. A team can build things faster and better than anybody just working alone. Jacobi said that the area competition was more about cooperation and teamwork than about winning. He said that if I wanted to build robots then I should study hard in math and science and learn how to work together with other kids.

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