I Was A Kid Zombie
May 19th, 2013 by alton

My mom’s friend wanted to know if I wanted to be a zombie. Heck yeah! Her friend had a friend named Alex who was trying to make a movie about the zombie apocalypse and he wanted some kids in it. So I went with my mom to some playground and spent most of the day pretending to be part of the undead. My mom even got to play the part of a zombie, too! We both had makeup on with lots of fake blood and fake scratches. Later in the day, my mom fell on some gravel and hurt her hands. She was bleeding, but the blood was not fake that time.

zombie makeupbloody neckzombie alton

Alex wanted to make the entire movie, but he told me that he needed to make a movie trailer first so that other people could see it and maybe be interested in it. If they decided to be really interested, they could even help Alex with his movie. The movie is called “The Holy Dark” and Alex has a Facebook page about it. If you want to see it, the link is here.

The movie trailer is an Alex Helton Production. I am just a kid and I am in no way affiliated with him, but I hope he asks me to be in his movie again.

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