My School’s Science Night
November 5th, 2013 by alton


Today at school we had to explain what we did for our science fair project. We were called into the gym one by one and some grownups that I did not know asked me to explain my third-grade science experiment. They were nice, so I told them about how to make slime with PVA and borax. I think that they were teachers because they asked me a lot of questions about what I did. Every time that I answered a question, someone would ask me another one. They looked surprised when I was talking about making the PVA solution and how the borax molecules made bonds with the PVA. Maybe they have never tried it before.

Tonight was Science Night at my elementary school. My school had different science activities to do and a science fair. My friends and I put our science projects in the school gym. There were kids from the different grades there. All the parents were invited to look around and ask the kids questions about them. There were a lot of cool projects! It looks like everyone had fun coming up with a question to answer and trying to use science to answer it. I really enjoyed talking about my science question and how my dad helped me answer it when we were at his school. I think science is fun.




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