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LEGO brick wall

I like making things with LEGO® bricks and minifigs because there is so much to do! The LEGO Group makes sets with different themes, like city, castle, space, robots, pirates, ninjas, power miners, and undersea exploration. They also make sets from different movies that I like, like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Another thing about LEGO bricks is that I can take them apart and build my own creations, or MOCs.

LEGO choices

The LEGO Group also makes special pieces, like beams, axles, gears, bushings, and wheels. These pieces come in sets that are called the Technic series. Some sets also come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. The purpose of this series is to create more advanced machines.

My dad likes building with LEGO pieces, too. He is showing me how to build robots. The robots are different from Bionicle and Hero Factory because they can move by themselves. The robots come from a set called LEGO Mindstorms NXT. The set contains many Technic pieces and new ones like motors, sensors, and cables. After you build a robot, you use a computer to tell it what to do and it then does it.


My dad says that when I get older, I can even make friends with a group of people and build robots to show to other teams. This group of people is interested in math and science and is called FIRST®FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. It is a group started by inventor Dean Kamen to develop ways to inspire kids in the engineering and technology fields.


FIRST joined with the LEGO Group to make the FIRST LEGO League. It is an international competition for big kids in elementary and middle school with a new challenge each year. Each team has to create a LEGO robot to work on the challenge. The teams work out solutions to the problems they are given. They then meet in tournaments to share knowledge, ideas, and robots.


There is even a robotics program for kids like me ages 6 to 9 called Junior FIRST LEGO League.


The official LEGO website is so awesome! The site has stuff about every LEGO available, games, a store, and even ways to design your own creations!

The LEGO BookThe LEGO Book

The LEGO BookThe LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz is a cool book if you want to learn more about the history of the LEGO Group.

The Unofficial LEGO Builder's GuideThe Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s GuideThe Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide by Allan Bedford is another cool book that every LEGO builder should have. It goes over vocabulary and building tips, and even has a Brickopedia that lists most of the major LEGO pieces by category!

First LEGO League: The Unofficial GuideFirst LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide

The First LEGO League: The Unofficial GuideFirst LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide book is by James Floyd Kelly and Jonathan Daudelin. It is about the FIRST LEGO League, a hands-on robotics program in a cooperative sports-like atmosphere. The authors have both been participants in numerous FIRST LEGO League team competitions. The book is for both rookie and experienced teams.

LEGO Crazy Action ContraptionsLEGO Crazy Action Contraptions

LEGO Crazy Action ContraptionsLEGO Crazy Action Contraptions by Doug Sillinger is a book of 16 projects that comes with all the LEGO pieces you will need to build them. You will need some dental floss or thread and some string, too. They are not included. This is a good example of building with Technics pieces and not just with regular LEGO bricks. These simple machines spin, roll, or spring into action. And they all have step-by-step diagrams.

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